Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Effects of Vibration Isolation 避震之重要

For years I've been telling my audiphile friends that the three key elements to get the best sound from an audio system are 1) Optimizing the speaker and room interactions, 2) Quality AC power to all components, and 3) Vibration elimination and control of all components. The specifics of each will be further explained in future posts. Here I'll just give another surprising discovery to support 2) and 3).
The other day I finally muster enough will power to set up one of the Newport air suspension table (details at in my Taipei home. I've been using two such devices in my system in the US for many years, one under the LP player (an Immdedia RPM-2), the other shared by the preamp and phono stage. This time, I tried to put it under the PS Audio Power Plan Premier which is feeding power to all the front end devices, the pre and power amps, and the Quad ESL-989 speakers.

The sonic improvements are immediate and astounding. The silence becomes much darker and quiter. Some recordings, in which the instrument positions were thought to be lined up in the same 2-D plane, now take on the full 3-D glory.

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