Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Vibration Tuning and Isolation, Part 1

Why placing different type of "feet" under an audio compment makes so much difference in sound?

To me, this question has never been fully answered over the past 20+ years. I still vividly remember the day when I borrowed some Tip Toes made by Mod Sqaud and placed them under the intergrated amp I was using. The sonic difference literally amazed me into calling every audiophile friend I knew sharing my discovery. Part of the amazement came from the fact that, as a college student in electrical engineering, I could not find anything in the text books or literature that can scientifically explain the phenomenon. By all calculations, the difference in electrical properties is so small, it should not be measurable by lab instruments, let alone percievable by human ears, supposedly with very limited frequency response. Later on, many people including quite a few self-proclamed experts have offered various "theories", some made a bit of sense, others were quite far feteched.

At this day and age, I have concluded that, this is probably one of the "myseries" in audio that we have to live with until the days we understand better how human hearing (including the ears, brain and perhaps others) works.

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