Wednesday, December 14, 2016

唱頭廠方說明書說 tracking angle 是22度?

廠方說明書說 tracking angle 是22度,但唱頭上緣水平時,針桿有30度以上。昨天過去,用顯微鏡看來,線/桿夾角應該是120度,所以針桿31度左右時,SRA應約91度。已經請主人寫信去問,說明書的22度是否錯誤。
The user manual specifies the tracking angle at 22 degrees, but when the top of the cartridge is level, the cantilever is angled at more than 30 degrees. From the microscope shots, the angle between the contact line and the cantilever is about 120 degrees. As such, the SRA should be around 91 degrees if the cantilever is at 31. I have asked the owner to write to the manufacturer for clarification.

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