Monday, December 23, 2019

Relationship between Cartridge Alignment and Channel Separation

Chart#1 shows the azimuth adjustment process of a cartridge mounted with stylus at about 2mm off the optimal alignment position. Chart#2 is with precise alignment to the Loefgren B IEC formula. One can see the overall channel separation resulting in more than 3dB of differential.

有知名音響網紅曾說裝唱頭時,因為可用的切線很多種,隨便裝也沒關係。這裡的實驗顯示,調整精確與否,明顯影響到唱頭的分離度。圖1是針尖與最佳狀態的點差了約2mm時,調整azimuth的過程。圖2是精確地對準Loefgren B IEC 的點且針桿平行於線。可以看到整體分離度有3dB以上的差別。