Friday, April 12, 2019

Why high-tech vibration isolation/cancellation devices?

Why is it necessary to use high-tech vibration isolation/cancellation devices? Unperceived by human senses, there's plenty low-frequency background vibration present in any living environment. Figure 1 demonstrates the spectrum reported by the Kurashiki Mini-560F, with its active cancellation function OFF, and nothing is turned on in my system. We can clearly see the energy presence of sub-20Hz vibrations in my listening room. Figure 2 shows the active function ON, and the vibrations now get below the -60dB mark. Removing these unwanted vibrations greatly improves the overall sound reproduction, obviously.
為何需要高科技減震器材?圖1是用倉敷化工 Mini-560F 主動平台的頻譜功能,將主動減震功能關閉時,可以看到,即使音響系統完全關閉,聆聽室有明顯的20Hz以下,人類的感官無法察覺的震動。這是所有環境幾乎都無法避免的問題。圖2是將主動功能開啟,這些震動立刻降至-60dB 以下。將這些背景震動移除,對黑膠播放或其它器材的音質,必然會有立竿見影的改進。順便提到,這已經是在號稱避震極佳的音響架上,所得到的數據。

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