Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Confirming anti-skating setting with AnalogMagik

I used to use the HiFi News Test Record with Visual Analyser to observe the THD% and set the anti-skating force. Without touching anything, I use AnalogMagik's anti-skating function to check if there's any major difference. Turns out the two approaches mostly agree with each other, showing almost identical THD% numbers in both channels. 

這是用AnalogMagik抗滑功能驗證我之前用 HiFi News 測試片及 Visual Analyser 調出的設定,算是非常符合。所以如果不想用先前跑8個測試的方法,用 AnalogMagik 來調整,也算是比較便捷的方案。

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