Friday, June 1, 2018

AnalogMagik's Tracking Force Function

After finished writing the Part-1 of AnalogMagik review, I started to test the remaining features I haven't spent much time on. The Tracking Force function are verified on two cartridges here, Lyra Kleos (recommended VTF=1.73 according to the user manual) and DS Audio DS 002 (recommended VTF=1.7). Figure 1 is the final VTF for the Kleos after optimizing for the lowest THD using AnalogMagik. Figure 2 is for the DS 002. For the Kleos which is my main reference cartridge for the past 2+ years, even though the change is only -0.04g from the original setting, the sound has become much more refined with high-frequency extension unheard before. Similar improvements are also heard on the DS 002, but somewhat less drastic even though the change in VTF is much greater.

第一部份的評論交稿之後,開始測試 AnalogMagik其它還沒仔細研究的功能。Lyra Kleos(廠方建議針壓 1.73)最佳化後的針壓如圖一,DS Audio DS 002 (廠方建議針壓 1.7)最佳化後的針壓如圖二。調整後,兩者高頻變得細膩很多,尤其是已經用了2年多的 Kleos比起之前,「高貴感」進步幅度相當明顯。

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