Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Monitoring function of HIBIKI-65 active vibration cancellation platform

 (中文在後)Using the monitoring function of the HIBIKI active vibration cancellation platform, one can visualize the background vibration in the environment that is completely unnoticed by human senses. With everything OFF in my audio room, the first two charts show the wave form and spectrum of Y-axis vibrations detected on the platform's BOTTOM side. The amount of sub-30Hz low frequency vibration is surprisingly high. The next two charts are the results on the TOP side where the payload (a Technics SP-10R) is placed, showing nearly all vibrations are eliminated by the cancellation function.

使用代理商借我測試的HIBIKI主動除震台的監測功能,可以觀察到許多人類感官無法覺察的現象。圖1與2是所有機器關機,除震台 底部平面 在我音響室所測得的震動波型與頻譜,可以看到不少30Hz以下的震動成分,但人的知覺根本沒有聽或感覺到。圖3,4則是顯示,讓器材放置於上的頂部負載平面,幾乎所有震動都被消除。