Thursday, December 2, 2021

Ortofon MC Anna Diamond

 In every imaginable category, the Ortofon MC Anna Diamond absolutely qualifies as one of the best phono cartridges. As in the case of Ortofon A95 reviewed in this column before, it requires meticulous care in setting up and finding the right associated equipment (phono stage and/or step-up transformer in particular) to fulfill its full potential. Once these conditions are met, the Anna D can rival or better any competitor in every thinkable sonic aspect. From top to bottom, the presentation is fast, impeccably clean, and neither soft nor edgy. Instruments and vocals are full bodied and tonally neutral with no perceivable coloration of any kind. Sound stage width, depth and height depictions as well as layering are unquestionably state of the art. Dynamic contrast between strong and soft passages also ranks among the best this reviewer has ever experienced. More importantly, the Anna D is capable of reproducing musical contents with verve and emotion, drawing listeners’ attention deeper into the performance, a trait not often encountered in common audio gears.