Sunday, November 6, 2022

Shizuka Cable Wrap

 Shizuka is a cable wrap from Kiso Acoustics, Japan, a company also responsible for the highly acclaimed "big sounding" miniature speakers, HB-1. These black colored wraps are said to contain CMC (Carbon Micro Coil), a high-tech material with numerous tiny coils turning incoming electro-magnetic waves into heat, hence reducing interference to the transmitted signal.

Adding three pairs of Shizuka to my system resulted in a much quieter, darker background and other more fundamental transformations. The effect was as if a thin veil has been lifted from the sonic picture, with richer tonal colors, crisper delineation of images, as well as improved visibility into the deepest corners of the sound stage. Most importantly, with the wraps in place, listening to records became more akin to witnessing a musical event, rather than auditioning an audio system. I often found myself finish listening to the whole side of a record without realizing it. In other words, they helped me move a major step toward my ultimate goal, i.e., a sonic nirvana where the system produces music completely free of grain or electronic glare.

They are magical, addictive stuff, indeed. Highly recommended!