Thursday, March 3, 2022

Accurion Halcyonics i4 Isolation Platform

 The Accurion i4 active vibration isolation platform is slightly more affordable than the Kurashiki products I reviewed a while ago. Operation wise the i4 is more straightforward, likely more friendly for less technical users. It also has an outboard switching power supply unit, which can be replaced with a third-party PSU and provide another option to fine tune sonic characteristics. 

In addition to vinyl turntables, I also test the platform with non-mechanical components including phono stages and turntable power supplies. While the sonic improvements may not be as dramatic as in turntables, one will still immediately notice the increased resolution with cleaner transient attacks, background quietness, and greater harmonic integrity. Audiophiles interested in pursuing the ultimate sonic truth are strongly encouraged to work with the distributer to arrange a demo in their own systems.